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Website and Content Management

Organizing and Managing Your Web Presence has organized, developed, and managed websites for clients around the country since 2004. If you are looking for someone to create, organize and manage your web presence and site content you've come to the right place.

 What we do...

If you are an owner of a website or an administrator for an organization that needs some help creating a new website... or getting an out of date website updated we can help with that. You can then focus on moving forward and managing your organization.

We also offer drone photography and video services through our


Since 2004 we have provided full-time website development and content editing and management assisting a variety of different companies and organizations across the USA to make their website work best for them.

We primarily work with WordPress websites and Wild Apricot clients... but we also understand and can assist with domain names, HTML, CSS stylesheets, and generally anything related to website coding... as well as how to make everything work together with the domain names, DNS, and hosting servers. Our goal is to make all the web tools and services you need work together most efficiently!

We create everything from simple HTML page websites up to fully functional web applications for our clients.

Our primary focus: develop, organize, and manage WordPress and Wild Apricot websites.

This includes managing everything related to these sites such as domain names, themes, layout, templates, pages, CSS, stylesheets, content, text, images, and graphics. We can also assist with managing your membership management/renewals, event setup/registration/online payments/management, email newsletters, and more.

Hourly services are available, as well as "blocks of time" based on your project needs.

We will help you evaluate your needs when we discuss your project and can accurately estimate the hours that will be needed for your project. With many years of providing these services we can provide an accurate quote for your website and project.

Some of the website services and tools we work with every day include*:

Can we help you with a website project? Please contact us and let's discuss your project!

* Note: Project references and URL examples of our sites are available on request and after initial consultation.

can We help you?

Our primary clients are small businesses and membership organizations that benefit from a managed website service. Contact us and let's discuss your project. If we are a good fit, we will work with you on the most reasonable and long term solution. - Ron Gallagher


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