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09/14/2018 10:35 AM | Anonymous

——— Original Question/Message ———
Subject: MailChimp
Date: 6/10/18 11:00 am
To: “Ron Gallagher” <>

Have you guys worked with MailChimp or Constant Contact? I’m working on getting a few email campaigns going but need to figure out the best way to integrate it with our website and social media?

Thanks, Client A

——— Response Message ———

Hi Client A,

We have used MailChimp for several clients and also Constant Contact for many others. Both are easy and similar to use. But we should look at what you are trying to do (goals and so forth) with a newsletter service like this to make sure it is worth the cost/effort.

My main recommendation with MailChimp… is that you shouldn’t use the “free” version. Mainly, it is because you don’t want MailChimp ads on the emails/newsletters as it looks bad to have anything that leads your customers away from your business focus. If you ever do surveys on the free MailChimp service level the user will end up on a MailChimp website page at the end of the survey with an offer to “get your own free account” there. I know many people use the free accounts including some larger companies… and I can’t believe they want their clients/customers (at the end of each survey) to be taken to the MailChimp site for an “ad” to signup for a Mail Chimp account.

If you wanted to try MailChimp you can check it out with a free account and do some review/testing to see how you like it. But, when ready to send newsletters to clients/customers consider buying some “credits” depending on how many emails you plan to send… or you can go monthly for around $10/month. If your mail list is smaller (for example, around 100 emails) it may be a good option to just buy the email credits to try this out… as you could send 100 emails out once per month for 3 months for around $9. If your list is larger there are 1,000 email credits for $30… so that would last you 10 months if you sent to 100 people once per month… let me know how big your email list is and your thoughts on this.

The big thing you should check… if you go with a “Paid” MailChimp option… does it remove any MailChimp ads from your newsletters, etc. We will want to verify this before you do anything with them as you don’t want your clients getting added to the MailChimp ads and getting promotions for MailChimp because you add them to your newsletter mailing list!

Another option to consider is Constant Contact but they are a little more money than Mail Chimp. Constant Contact offers really nice email newsletters and no ads. You will want to look at their features and for lists under 500 total contacts they offer a free 60 day trial… might be worth a test/trial and see how you like this?

Both services have widgets to add the online “signup” options for your website visitors. We can put those signup forms on your website, or link to them from your social media sites.

Before we move forward with either service here are some big questions to consider when thinking about starting up a email newsletter strategy:

  • How big is your email list that you plan to send to? 100 emails? 500 emails? Larger?
  • How often do you want to send out the newsletters? Once per month? Twice per month? More often?
  • What is your goal for the newsletters? Is it to highlight a recent project or just to promote your business/services? To send coupons or timely promotions? Other?
  • Do you have a list of topics ready that you plan to cover for at least a few months of newsletters?
  • Will it be worth the cost to go with a paid service so the newsletters look professional and still give you a positive return on your costs/investment to get this going?
  • Finally, are you committed to keeping your schedule of newsletters (once or twice per month or more) going for at least a year or more? It will probably take that long to get noticeable results from a email newsletter program.

Both of these services work well… note, we have worked with Constant Contact a lot more than Mail Chimp but either will work for effective delivery of your email newsletters.

Let me know your thoughts on all this… and your responses to the list of questions above. Then, we can see what is the best option and path for you to take.


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